Erecting a new fence is the best way to keep your commercial property safe as well as to increase its curb appeal. The process of picking your fence material and your fence installation contractor is a complex one that requires you to make lots of decisions – here are some tips to make it all easier.

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Pick the Right Material from the Right Supplier

The hardest decision to make is probably the decision regarding the material of the fence – your final choice will determine the costs of the fence as well as its suitability for the scope of usage. The two main types of commercial fences are ornamental, that serve only the purpose of enhancing the property’s curb appeal and security fencing that serves the objective of protecting the facility from intruders, plus you also have the option to get a fence that fulfills both roles.

The materials that are the most attractive are wood, cast iron and wrought iron, aluminum and composite. Iron fences are the most expensive ornamental solutions that serve security-related purposes only to a limited extent and do not offer too much protection for your property’s privacy either. The other solutions in the category are also on the expensive end, but they can be used for protection purposes as well. A good way to have the best of both worlds is to combine two materials in your fence – masonry and wood or masonry and cast iron are good examples.

In areas that are not visible from the street and that need only security or perimeter fencing, you can use one of the cheaper materials, such as chain-link. The solution is suitable for surrounding really large areas and it is a durable material that can withstand almost any weather and requires almost no maintenance at all.

The supplier from which you buy your materials can also make a huge difference. Be prepared that stores and building material suppliers practice different prices, but what they have in common is that they are usually willing to offer discounts for large orders, so trying to bargain is always a good idea. The period of the year when you buy your material also matters – commercial fence Denver suppliers indicate that materials are usually more expensive from spring to fall, the peak period for all areas of the building industry.

Shopping Around for the Right Fence Building Contractor

Some fencing materials, such as masonry, iron and wood need professional installation, while chain-link can be efficiently installed by anyone. The overall price of your fence will depend on the fees practiced by the fencing contractor and as you probably know, not all contractors work for the same labor fees. To make the best decision, research the contractors available in your area, check their experience and reputation, then contact them, describe your project to them and request them to send you written cost estimates for your project. When you evaluate the cost estimates, consider not only the final amount – compare the quotes in terms of the warranties offered and the proposed deadlines as well.