Pre-engineered steel buildings are among the most popular types of buildings today. Initially used for military, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications, such as storage and production facilities, steel buildings are nowadays used as office buildings, event centers, even as indoor arenas. What makes these constructions so appreciated is the quick, easy and cost-efficient installation, the affordability and the versatility – here are the great features and benefits of pre-fabricated steel buildings in more detail.
Customization and Variety
pre-fabricated steel building
Whatever design ideas you may have, it can surely be created from steel. The metal panels used for the roof of your building can be manufactured to mimic shingles or wood, the steel frame can be covered in any material that you choose for a more attractive finish and the wall panels can be painted to achieve the desired style.
Resistance and Durability
Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all building materials. Metal buildings are very durable and they stand strong in front of extreme weather, including not only rain, snow and wind, but earthquakes and hail as well. Steel is not susceptible to rodent attacks, rot and corrosion either, especially if you add some extra protection with a layer of special coating.
Short Construction Time
Pre-fabricated steel buildings are made and assembled at the manufacturer’s site, then they are disassembled, transported to the client’s site and assembled again at the final location. The process makes sure that the components fit perfectly, requiring no special expertise for the final installation. The process is also very quick – the assembly on the client’s premises takes only a few weeks, even in the case of very large buildings.
Pre-fabricated metal building kit Colorado steel buildings are strong and durable, but lightweight, which makes transport between the manufacturer and the client cheaper. Once installed, the buildings made from steel require almost no maintenance – an aspect that makes usage easier and reduces ownership costs over the entire lifespan of the building.
Steel construction is also very energy-efficient, especially if suitable insulation is installed as well. Metal roofs can efficiently reflect solar heat, making sure that the interior of the building stays comfortably cool in summer and they also form an efficient thermal barrier in winter, keeping cold air outside and preventing the heat inside from escaping.
Curb Appeal and Versatility in Design
Almost any design can be executed from steel, the material is suitable for buildings of any size as well as for creative architectural solutions, such as unique facades, roof and wall design solutions. Steel buildings can be customized not only during the initial design and manufacturing phase, but later on as well – metal buildings are expandable, walls, floors and openings can be added or subtracted to meet the client’s changing needs and requirements.
Environment-friendly Solutions
Steel is fully recyclable – a feature that reduces the environmental footprint of the manufacturing procedure and makes steel one of greenest building materials used today.
The technologies used for making pre-engineered steel buildings are in permanent development – new production methods that make the buildings even more affordable and more sustainable are being implemented all the time, so this great and versatile type of construction is surely here to stay.