Fiber Denver Window Replacement Advantages

Industrial evolution has also brought developments in all other areas, including architecture and interior design. That is why innovative materials have emerged that can be modeled to create complex, original, imaginative forms.

These include fiber glass. The use of fiber glass allows the creation of forms without limits or inhibitions. The qualities of this composite material can be easily observed, considering its various uses nowadays. Among the advantages of this material are its lightweight, the resistance in time and high maneuverability. Another advantage of glass fiber is the possibility of having any color, so it can be adapted to all projects. In order for the products to reach the final shape, it is necessary to make a frame from wood, polyurethane or polystyrene, and then pour the glass fiber that can be molded according to the designer’s preference.

All these qualities make window makers increasingly turn to this material.

Despite its name, fiber glass is not glass, but a type of reinforced plastic. It is made of highly resistant polymers, making it much more flexible than cardboard fiber, and easier to use in the field of construction. In addition, besides being very resistant, glass fiber is also fireproof, unlike PVC, which burns.

High quality glass fiber also compensates for the problems of weight and condensation, when it comes to Denver window replacement . It can also reduce energy consumption significantly.


Fiber glass windows vs. other materials

Wood has been used for centuries for window manufacturing and it is still popular today, although it is a material that requires special maintenance to ensure its durability. Vinyl windows are in trend now due to their exceptional efficiency, but even they have some drawbacks, such as losing their resiliency as the time passes and the rather chunky profiles that reduce the amount of glass.

With fiber glass, these shortcomings are eliminated. This material is stiff, lighter than wood, requiring the same low maintenance as vinyl and remaining unaffected by temperature fluctuations. It is true that 15 years ago fiber glass was not what it is today; windows from this material used to be available in very limited sizes and colors, not to mention that their aspect was modified by sun exposure. These limitations have been now resolved and you can get very durable windows, providing UV protection and energy efficiency. Fiber glass windows are premium priced products, but this is because of their many benefits. They are mechanically assembled to provide quality, consistency and reliability, as well as a beautiful aspect.

Fiber glass windows are great for hot climates, considering their resistance to distortion caused by sun exposure. They are also a good choice for areas prone to hurricane-force winds.

Fiber glass windows can be easily customized in various shapes, sizes and colors. They are also an environmentally friendly building material, created from a natural resource and designed to last. However, if you want to fully benefit from investing in this type of window material, you should leave the installation in the hands of professionals.