It can be very scary to start looking for a new home when you never bought one. Aside from all the little details and hurdles you might fact, even something as seemingly trivial as finding the right location and area for your home can be a big challenge. If you’re a first time home buyer in Colorado, the following advice will help you find exactly what you’re searching for.

Good Areas and Better Opportunities

Generally speaking, the best places for first time home buyers are those that present fewer challenges and better opportunities for happy and healthy living. If you have a family, for instance, you’re better off choosing a neighborhood that is highly rated from that point of view, rather than one that has benefits and opportunities for families, couples and individuals all at the same time.

Some of the best cities for first-time home buyers in the state of Colorado include:

  • Denver – where areas like South Park Hill and Holly Hills are considered ideal for first time home buyers looking for a family-oriented area with some of the best schools, cafes and crime-free neighborhoods;
  • Colorado Springs – a great place to find quiet neighborhoods filled with great parks and green areas, good opportunities for both families and individuals, and a stunning view of the local mountainside;
  • Boulder – a large and growing city where the schools and the local university can offer students some of the most remarkable opportunities, and where the quality of living is one of the best in the entire state. Homes for sale in Broomfield near Boulder are also popular for first time buyers.

It’s also worth mentioning the advantages of places like Pine Brook Hill, which is an appealing location in Boulder County at some distance from Denver. Here the clean mountain air, the A+ rated public schools and the awesome nightlife will offer something of value for any first time home buyer looking for a great place to move to.

It’s great to also consider areas where you can benefit from Colorado first-time home buyer grants and programs that can help you reduce your price and get the process going faster. Make sure you talk to your real estate broker about the option of getting an FHA home loan, and consider additional options like getting an USDA loan if you want to buy a house in a rural setting, or finding assisted programs like CHAC or CFHA, which provide a great solution if your credit score is lower than 620 or you need down payment assistance.

Where to Start Looking

The best place to start is at your local Colorado real estate broker’s office. Here you can get informed about special programs that apply to your area and neighborhoods that have what you need in term of quality housing, affordable prices and good areas for your children to play, make good friends and study harder.

If you have a broader set of options – for example, if your workplace allows for remote work and you can move farther away from the main headquarters – you can orient yourself to find the ideal location more easily. However, make sure the realtor you hire to help you knows as much as possible about the city or local neighborhood where you’re considering buying your new dream home.