If you have a deck attached to your building or built as a separate structure in your garden or backyard, you surely enjoy the comfort that it offers. However, if that deck is located on a property in Colorado, you can surely enhance your level of comfort by getting protection from the sun, the wind or the rain with the help of a cover. Here are some tips from recommended deck installers on how to get the cover you need to enjoy your deck to the fullest.

Use Partially Shaded Furniture

If you are looking for a solution that does not involve any building work, you can start looking for pieces of deck furniture that come with built-in covers, such as the beds and sofas that feature their own canopy or some other form of partial coverage. If you decide that you want more permanent coverage, you can pick some type of climbing plant and run it on the cover.

Transform the Deck into a Pavilion

This solution works best for decks that are separate structures located away from the main building. If you like building simple structures, you will surely enjoy designing and erecting a pavilion around your deck. Try to choose a style that matches the overall style of your property and try to find the best style for the columns as well as for the roof. Take the time to create the design as well as to get the best materials because your pavilion will be a permanent structure that will not be easy to modify.

Get a Retractable Cover

Modern building solutions today give you the opportunity to get a deck cover that you can expand and retract as you wish. These covers are complex and they usually require professional installation, therefore they are not exactly budget-priced solutions, but they are surely among the most comfortable options.

Use Curtains and Drapes to Add Color and Style

Drapes and curtains are also excellent ways to transform your deck into a shaded area. The method comes with great, additional benefits, such as low cost, removability and the possibility to replace the curtains whenever you want. The solution also offers an incredibly wide range of design variations – your curtains will transform the appearance of your deck in an instant and they can also add playfulness, for example if you make some curtains fixed and others running on rings on a track.

Use Tarp

Tarp is an excellent covering solution for anyone looking for a top that is not permanent. Tarp today comes in many colors and they also vary in thickness, making it easy for you to choose the best solution.

Use Umbrellas

Another great, affordable, mobile solution is to install one large umbrella or multiple smaller ones. Umbrellas nowadays come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, from retro designs to sleek, modern styles and they give you not only the benefit of great styling, but also of mobility – even large umbrellas are lightweight and easy to open, to close and to store as well.